Drive Traffic to Your Business Website With Pinterest

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10 Reasons to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Business Website

Pinterest Traffic

Despite the fact that Pinterest is one of the lesser known social networks, it has still carved out a valuable niche for itself. Known as ‘the visual social network’, Pinterest is unlike Facebook or Twitter when it comes to marketing your business, this could be considered as a good or bad thing, we’ll let you make your mind up.

Although there’s a bit of a learning curve for some, Pinterest’s active userbase of 70 million members makes for a worthwhile opportunity, especially if you want to drive traffic & new sales to your business website.

You might assume that Pinterest isn’t right for your business, that it’s limited in its marketing capabilities; But when you take a look at some of the ways Pinterest can help direct traffic to your website, you might start to change your mind. Take a look at some of the reasons for using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website:

Reasons to use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Business Site:

  1. Pinterest is used as an online shopping catalog – 70% of people on Pinterest use it to get ideas for what to buy online. Thousands of eCommerce sites now cite Pinterest as one of their top referrers for traffic to their websites.
  2. Pinterest generates trust – According to a survey carried out by SocialMouths consumers trust information on Pinterest more than Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Pinterest users are closer to brands – Users on Pinterest are twice as likely to engage with brands they support compared to Facebook. Over time this will give you more opportunities to market your products & get fans clicking onto your website. – In many ways, Pinterest is actually already ahead of Facebook – Anna Cadiz Bennett.
  4. Pinterest is super easy – There’s no complicated process to create pin boards or populate them with images, you can start directing traffic to your website straight from the off!
  5. Pinterest offers helpful analytics – If you use Pinterest to market your business you can take advantage of its analytics tools. From here you can see which pins are performing best, how much traffic they are generating for your website & other analytical information.
  6. Pinterest is perfect for reaching female audiences – If you want to reach a female audience, you should almost certainly be using Pinterest. With 80% of the population on Pinterest being female, it’s a no brainer! – Pinterest – The Social network for Women.
  7. Reach new audiences – Feel like you have exhausted other social networks? Pinterest is the perfect opportunity to reach a new audience of people. Did you know that the average user on Pinterest has a household income of $100,000?
  8. Pinterest does the hard work for you – 80% of the pins on Pinterest have been repined from someone else, that’s some serious viral power! You can generate traffic to your website without having to do the donkey work!
  9. Your hard work goes further – Pinterest pins last an average of three and a half months. This is 1600 times longer than Facebook where a post could last for just 90 minutes. This doesn’t mean your posts disappear, just that they aren’t shown in user’s newsfeeds. With Pinterest you can continue to drive traffic to your website for weeks after you create a post, unlike Facebook & Twitter!
  10. Pinterest helps with SEO – Pinterest activity can contribute towards your search engine optimization. Social activity is a known method to increase your search position and direct traffic to your website, Pinterest is no exception to this rule!

Have you tried Pinterest to drive traffic to your business website? What was your experience? Did you get any sales from it? Would you invest more into Pinterest marketing in the future?

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