3 Tips to Improve Your Lead Generation and Conversion Results

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3 Tips to Improve Your Lead Generation and Conversion ResultsAccording to studies, marketers have two most important questions in mind with regard to sales lead generation:

  1. How can I generate more business leads?
  2. How can I convert those leads into customers?

If you’re like most marketers, you know that in order to address these questions effectively, you have to have not just a lead generation strategy but one that is well-planned and actually works across different channels such as telemarketing, online, and social media. Here’s how you can improve your lead generation and conversion results:

  1. Segment your market.
    No matter how awesome your message is, it makes no sense if it falls on the wrong ears. Segment your market into target groups of prospects who share similar characteristics and figure out what communication will best resonate with each group. B2B telemarketing is an excellent segmentation tool and many sales and marketing organizations hire professional telemarketers for this vaery purpose.
  2. Develop quality content.
    “Content is king.” How often do we hear that? But, with the current emphasis on social media and other online campaigns, having exceptional content has never been more important in capturing sales leads and business appointments. In online lead generation, having great content on your website, landing pages, and social media pages can spell the difference between a quick glance and a double take, ignore and subscribe, delete and share.
  3. Coordinate marketing activities with your sales team.Your salespeople are a staple part of your lead generation campaign, as long as your ultimate goal is to convert qualified sales leads into buying customers. Coordinate marketing campaigns with your sales team and they will have more information they need for effective conversion.

This post originally appeared at CallBoxInc.