4 Auto Insurance Tips You Need to Know

Radhika Sivadi

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4 Auto Insurance Tips You Need to Know image MP900433192 300x239Big GiftDo you drive a car? The chances are if you’re reading this then you do. Keeping a car running can be expensive. Between gas and repairs you can end up paying for one twice over. Here are four auto insurance tips that might just help cut the cost of running that car.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Policies

If you have an unpaid loan on a car, the loan issuer will require that you have collision insurance to cover any damage done to the car. If you have an old car that you’ve fully paid for or you have saved enough to buy a new one, collision insurance is unnecessary. The cost of repairing damage to an old car will probably end up costing more than the car itself, due the depreciation in its value.

Defensive Driving

Most insurance companies will give you a cheaper quote if you have taken a recognized defensive driving course. Some defensive driving and accident prevention courses can also take points off your licence. Remember, before you run out the door waving this auto insurance tip around, that you should ask your insurance agent how much it can cut from the cost of your premium first.

Use Public Transport

When you sign up for car insurance, one of the questions you will be asked is how many miles you drive on average per year. If you exclusively use your car to travel, you can save on auto insurance by taking public transport every now and then. Once again, remember to ask your insurance agent how many miles fewer you would have to travel to begin saving.

Drive Safe

This might be an obvious auto insurance tip, but it could mean more to you than saving on your car insurance. A driver that is involved in fewer collisions will have a lower premium. Points on a licence can also affect your insurance premium.

As many auto insurance tips and tricks as there may be, the best one is to stay safe on the road. There is no point in taking all of the above mentioned advice on board if you don’t combine them with driving safely.

If you have a question about car insurance, ask it here and one of our agents will give you answer in no time at all, for free.

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