6 Easy Tips to Speed Up Your Broadband

Radhika Sivadi

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6 Easy Tips to Speed Up Your Broadband image Broadband speed myths 300x1746 Easy Tips to Speed Up Your BroadbandThere are numerous reasons why our broadband speeds can start running a little slower than we need: it can range from the distance to the exchange, which is usually the case for rural areas, and sometimes its due to the packages we have chosen. But there are also many reasons why a sudden slowing in speed can be down to how we are using our computers and connections.

Here are some tips that will help pick up the speed of our broadband and help maintain good use of what we are paying for.

  1. Keeping our computers clutter free We are all guilty of cluttering up our computers with unused files and software that we no longer need, but these items can have a dramatic effect on our broadband speeds.  Go through your computer and delete any old files, unnecessary downloads and clear old browsing data. All of these small steps could have a dramatic affect on your internet speed.
  2. Re Position Your RouterIt may be something that we haven’t considered before, but the position of our routers does have an effect on the speed of our broadband. Make sure that your router is moved away from any cables, electrical equipment and is not disrupted by furniture. By simply making sure that our router is maintained correctly we can rule this out as the cause of any slow speeds.
  3. Switch to Optic broadbandFibre Optic Broadband is a fairly new source of our internet, but is generally faster and more consistent than other forms. Virgin Media fibre optic broadband comes with a variety of packages to suit all needs and budgets, definitely worth looking at!
  4. Check Your SocketsYour router should be plugged into your main socket, where your telephone line is connected. There are many reasons as to why your socket may be slowing things down, look at poor quality cables and even carpets that can disrupt the flow of data. Worth a quick check!
  5. Try an Ethernet cableWi-Fi is most commonly used in the home nowadays, but good old Ethernet cables are not to be overlooked! This will mean that the internet will be connected directly to your computer, so you won’t have to worry as much about your signal strength.
  6. Install MicrofiltersMicrofilters make sure that nothing that shouldn’t be connected to your phone line is connected. There are many reasons that this will speed up your connections, but the main one is that you won’t be sharing your devices with anyone else.

As you can see there are many reasons why our broadband is not up to speed, but if you do these checks and make a few adjustments you should see a difference almost immediately!

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