Will an Apple iWatch Change Anything?

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Will an Apple iWatch Change Anything? image iwatch 300x225iWatch from AppleIt seems lately that gadgets have been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to technology. Smartphones and tablets have been getting all of the improvements and stealing the spotlight for years, and understandably so. Tablets and smartphones have been able to provide easier and faster access to the net while still enabling businesses and agencies to advertise effectively. Apple, according to news from yesterday, is working on a new gadget – but will it make a difference?

The iWatch on the Way?

There has been much speculation in the media over the months that Apple would make something other than an iPhone or iPad in the near future. Yesterday news came out that this might be more truth than rumor. A Reuters article reports that “Apple Inc. is experimenting with the design of a device similar to a wristwatch” which would run iOS and interestingly, be made with curved glass. An intriguing idea for a gadget, for sure. I wonder if Apple will be able to deliver in its characteristically impressive way.

If this news is true, many, like Jay Yarow at the Business Insider, “don’t expect it to be a blockbuster product like the iPhone or the iPad.” I tend to find myself agreeing with this. People want to interact and engage with media and content. That’s why they love to use tablets and smartphones. A screen the size of a watch would not be conducive to that. But there are some advantages to the concept of an iWatch or wearable computer watch.

What Does this Matter for Online Business?

You might be wondering, what does this matter for my agency or my business? It might not matter a lot right now, but it could in the future. If the iWatch becomes popular, which could happen (it’s Apple, after all), it could do a lot to push the concept of wearable computing for consumers.

The iWatch could have an impact for consumers and businesses on the acceptance of wearable computing. This could make a lot of activities much easier for businesses and consumers, especially in brick-and-mortar stores. The iWatch could, as Nigam Arora writes for Forbes, remember all of our passwords and use an NFC chip “to help [you] pay for” anything in a quick and secure way. Imagine simply being able to wave your watch with NFC technology and paying for whatever product you ordered.

I wouldn’t expect something like the iWatch as another gadget that people interact with content or businesses online. The screen will likely be too small. People will probably get notifications and simple information from a device like this, and then be able to check on easier to use devices. This could be great for location-based advertising. Imagine seeing a tweet on your iWatch about a discount at a store you frequent – when you’re nearby. That’s just one small example.

Wait and See

Of course, the best bet right now is to wait and see how wearable technology starts to work its way into our lives. It’s going to happen, for sure. But no one knows what product will really push the shift. Will it be Google’s Glass, an Apple iWatch, or something else? I don’t think the iWatch will make as much of an impact on businesses and agencies, but it’s certainly a sign that people will continue to get more connected as the future goes on.

What do you think about the Apple iWatch? Will the company go through with it?

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