Understanding The Online Abandoned Shopping Cart (Infographic)

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Around the world everywhere, shopping carts are left abandoned, where they slowly sit and wait. Now we’re not literally talking about shopping carts in a grocery store, although there probably are shopping carts sitting in parking lots abandoned.

But we’re not talking about these shopping carts. We’re talking about online shopping carts. Just the thought of it leaves retailers upset. That’s because retailers did all the work to move a lead down the marketing funnel only to have that funnel close up right at the end.

But it happens, and it happens quite a bit. Believe it or not, nearly 76% of all online shopping carts are left abandoned, amounting to $18 billion in annual loss for retailers. You can imagine the frustration that retailers and marketers deal with on a daily basis with these shopping carts that are left to fade into the sunset.

Now obviously a portion of these shopping carts were created without the intention of making a purchase in the first place. Many people have the intentions of only checking for a total price or to compare and then leave. This is something you can’t control.

However, there are reasons you can control, like hidden fees, shipping costs and product availability. All of these things lead to a customer dumping or leaving their shopping cart at the last moment.

So obviously if you’ve got a long line of abandoned shopping carts, somewhere in the process something is going wrong. So it’s time to figure out what is causing people to bail at the last second.

In order to fix these problems, it’s best to understand the major reasons people leave their carts and head elsewhere. As we mentioned, sometimes you can’t control people abandoning their carts. But what you can do is bring them back, and there’s many strategies from email campaigns to retargeting that can achieve this.

So to help you out, we have created a nice little infographic to help you understand the abandoned shopping cart dilemma a little better. From when to why people leave their carts, we show you the stats of what is happening out there and why shopping carts are being left to collect dust.


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