5 Ways to Build a Better Business Card

Radhika Sivadi

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Create killer business cards online using these easy-to-use, affordable services.

You know dressing for success is crucial. So why are you still passing out ugly business cards? After the initial face-to-face meeting, that little piece of card stock is all your contacts will have to remember you by. It's vital to dress your business card with the same level of professionalism in which you dress yourself.

Fortunately, now it's easier than ever to do so without spending a fortune. Check out the following services:


From business cards featuring rounded corners to QR codes and even environmentally-friendly options, MOO lets you choose from dozens of templates that print in dual-sided color. Available on matte laminated or recycled paper, stock or personalized designs can be ordered in limited quantities as well, with 50 classic cards starting at prices of $19.99 and up. Clever businesses are even exploring novel marketing approaches by taking advantage of the service's ability to print different images on every card.


Zazzle is a one-stop solution for all things print-related (posters, stickers, labels, mailers and more). The company also offers custom business card printing with unique slogans, comedic designs, and event-based themes. Thousands of templates and custom designs let you personalize logos and layouts for every type of business from wedding planning to construction. You can also purchase promotional or punch cards for giveaways and frequent buyer programs. Prices begin as low as $16.95 for 100 standard-sized cards, though alternate shapes and sizes (as well as gimmicky accessories like "skinny" card ejectors) are also available.


Go here for competitive rates on custom slim, standard, and rounded-edged business cards. Unlike other services, you'll need the help of a graphic designer to create your layout, as the company operates like a traditional printer, with users submitting graphics for reproduction. But the online provider offers dual-sided, full-color printing services on myriad card stocks, and matte, gloss, and UV coatings which give cards a more professional touch.


PsPrint.com is a full-service operation that offers on-demand business card manufacturing services. Four shapes – including standard, slim, mini-square, and jumbo square – are available on a variety of paper stocks, and in single- or dual-sided color, in quantities ranging from 50 to 10,000 units. While the service works best for those looking to print prepared assets, over 1000 templates are available to choose from and customize with a click if you're short on time, skill, or budget.


You'll find a wide selection of sizes, standardized templates and custom design options, coatings and card stocks to pick from, and at reasonable prices on tight deadlines. Users can personalize a design online or download templates in popular file formats such as JPEG or Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator and Photoshop, and submit orders right over the Internet. While print jobs typically take three business days to process, you can always pay more for rush jobs when time is tight.

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