Election notes: What small-biz owners want

2 min read · 11 years ago


political symbolspoliticsResults of a recent Yahoo! Small Business survey about political issues in the upcoming election revealed a lot of anxiety about Washington right now.

While you can find more details in my article "Small Businesses: 'Washington Is Worse than Wall Street,'" I didn't get to quote very many of the desires that respondents articulated in the survey.

Here is a larger sample of the comments, made in response to the question: "What one issue affecting your business specifically would you like to see policy makers address, and why?"

"Taxes! It is hard to know what the taxes will be at the end of each year, and the system is set up so that we don't want to earn over a certain amount or there is a 40% increase in what we pay. There should be a flat tax amount."

"I'd like to be able to provide my employees with better health coverage and retirement packages, and not have to lay off so many because my income flow has been severely reduced lately."

"I would just like for our government to work hard and get people working again, and then maybe more people would be able to afford carpet cleaning."

"Tort reform, especially relative to health care. Eliminate the boundaries for health insurance — allow companies to sell across state lines."

"Consumers spending little or no money at all has made my business impossible to stay afloat."

"There really aren't any issues affecting my business. I am a photographer."

"Embrace universal health care."

"Tax cuts for lower-income families with small businesses. Better opportunities to get a loan for small business owners, so they can invest more in their businesses."