GOP governors doubt health overhaul can work

Radhika Sivadi

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican governors say they doubt President Barack Obama can deliver coverage for most of the nation's uninsured by January, 2014, as called for by his health care law.

After losing the Supreme Court case, many GOP governors are questioning if the health care law is workable.

In a letter Tuesday to Obama, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell said GOP governors think it's unlikely the federal government will meet deadlines for new health insurance markets in each state by 2014.

If that's the case, the governors said Obama should acknowledge it now.

Administration officials have said all along they'll meet the deadlines. The letter also included 30 detailed questions.

States with Democrats in charge have been moving to carry out the law, but most GOP-led states have been on the sidelines.

Radhika Sivadi