How To Keep Your Employees Around

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There are several reasons why people might want to quit their job. But have you ever thought about what keeps them engaged?

Good Relationship With Their Manager

For whatever reason, sometimes there might be friction between an employee and their manager. Holding meetings, communicating when there’s a problem and finding solutions are a good way to maintain a healthy relationship between junior and manager. Having a productive working relationship keeps employees motivated and focused on the tasks at hand, and not on personal relationships.

Common Values

If an employee questions the company’s values, it might be hard for them to stick with you. It’s important to assess whether the company’s culture is compatible with that of an employee during a job interview, but until one has started a job and gone through a probation period, this is often a difficult assessment to make.

This doesn’t mean that a company is necessarily unethical and it might just be a disagreement on how things are run – or perhaps even where a role fits into how things run. Tools such as Talent Q can be very helpful in determining where exactly recruits will fit into a company, while various intelligence and aptitude tests can be applied to see if they will contribute effectively and reliably to their role.


If someone likes a job, they’re likely to keep doing it. There are many things that make a job enjoyable, ranging from a pleasant work environment to how accessible extra services like parking are.  Just because someone is doing something they enjoy, doesn’t mean they will always enjoy it. The little things – especially in terms of positive feedback – can go a long way!

Manageable Stress Levels

Let’s face it, when there’s a lot of work to do everyone is going to get stressed at some point. Some jobs will have more pressure than others too. However, if you organize your work or your business well enough, you’ll be able to get through those busy periods and reduce the stress.

When your health is getting affected, it’s time to look into the possibility that you are burning out. Talking about it with your manager might help find solutions. As a manager it is good to be on the lookout for any signs that your employees may be stressed or overworked, this will let employees know that you care about their well-being and will make them feel more valued.

Challenging Job

Being able to tackle problems and find solutions is very satisfying. Having to handle new projects that require brainstorming and come up with the right creative idea is refreshing.

A job that matches someone’s skills and that can challenge them every now and then is rewarding and most intelligent people look for this. However, what one person finds challenging another might find dull, and yet another might find too difficult. Once again, it’s a matter of finding the right fit.

Can you think of any more reasons why people might not want to stay in a job?

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