Key Features Of A Successful Customer Loyalty Program

Brad Dorsey

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Loyalty card apps for smartphones are a great way to drive business and track customer metrics. However, to get the most out of a loyalty card app, your business has to choose the right platform. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind when deciding on a loyalty card app that’s right for your business and how to get the most out of the program when implementing it.

Make it Easy
This is a no brainer. If a loyalty card app isn’t easy to use, then your customers simply won’t use it. If it’s difficult for employees to integrate into their workday, then they won’t be able to efficiently get customers on board.

A loyalty card app needs to be as simple as their punch-card precursors.

Make it MeaningfulKey Features Of A Successful Customer Loyalty Program image logo 300x156Key Features Of A Successful Customer Loyalty Program
Most customers need more than the occasional freebie to feel involved in your rewards program. In order to be an effective tool for your business, a reward card app has to offer tangible value to customers.

In an AT&T study of mobile users, a whopping 29 percent of respondents claimed the primary reason for using mobile applications was to save money. That study, host to a wealth of information on the habits of mobile users and small businesses, is available here from AT&T.

Using metrics gathered by loyalty card apps allows businesses to better tailor their rewards program and gain insight into customer behavior that can be utilized outside the rewards program. Providing a tailored rewards program makes the customer feel special and reinforces the customer’s relationship with your brand. Turning customers into ambassadors for your brand is essential to growing your revenue.

Make it Intelligent
How does one make a rewards card app more intelligent? By using metrics gathered by the digital cards to better serve the customer. Data-driven rewards programs are more effective at providing customers with what they really want than generic one-size-fits all programs.

Data-driven rewards programs also allow businesses to determine and measure the effectiveness of their rewards program. If a rewards program is not immediately effective, you can alter your offers or change your overall strategies. Remaining engaged with the rewards program and tweaking it over time can provide big rewards in the long run.

Incremental improvements on reward card apps translate to long-term success.

Key Features Of A Successful Customer Loyalty Program image make and engagingKey Features Of A Successful Customer Loyalty ProgramMake it Engaging
Customers want to feel connected to your brand and be rewarded for their loyalty. Loyalty card apps provide plenty of opportunities for customer engagement and for customers to pass along positive experiences to others in the name of your brand.

Mobile is ideal because everyone has their phone with them at all times, especially savvy professionals. This means that their capacity to engage with your brand and browse their rewards is literally at their fingertips.

Watch it Improve Your Bottom Line
IBM’s Retail Online Index reported retailers experienced a 15 percent growth in sales from mobile devices. Pirq’s data-driven loyalty program delivers targeted deals that outperform traditional rewards programs. Pirq can also provide you and your business with the kind of insights needed to drive sales in a new direction: from customers’ phones.

Delaying a rewards card program can mean losing customers to your competitors. Pirq can make your business more competitive by increasing your visibility and creating relationships that customers are sure to remember.

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