How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

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Big brands have big likes!How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page image How to get more Facebook likes1How to get more Facebook likes

Big likes are on your mind day and night!

And it should be.

Having thousands of likes for your Facebook page ensures you are going to have fans that will visit the next article you write for your blog every time you post the update to your Facebook page.

Facebook is still the king of all social media networks.

In order to get results from social media, Facebook should be one of the top two networks you engage on and optimize.

Just setting up your Facebook page is not going to be enough.

One should develop a strategy in order to get those “likes” for the page. With a plan down you are on your way to more likes.

In this article, I will outline plenty of ideas on how to develop your strategy and tactics to get likes for your Facebook page.

So read on and get those likes!

Engagement Is Key

On every social media site, engagement is the key to success and Facebook is no differeent.

In order to attract attention on your Facebook page, be engaging on your personal profile as well.

I always channel my new likes through the engagement I create on my personal profile.

Sharing, commenting on other statuses is is one of the ways I engage on Facebook.

Here is a screenshot of my wall:

How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page image Engagement with Facebook profile imageEngagement with Facebook profile image

You can clearly see I am always doing something on my wall.

Model the same idea on your part since it can create a new channel of likes to your business Facebook page.

What I also do is create a nice header image of what you do on your site or just simply the logo.

Here is my header image of Internet Dreams on my personal profile:

How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page image Internet dreams headerInternet dreams Facebook header

After you upload it to your personal header, I always invite them to check out my page through a link I create on that image.

Always be cunning on creating new ways of attracting attention since it can lead to greater success!

Sharing For The Others

Sharing your articles on Facebook goes hand in hand with the engagement you create.

What’s nice about Facebook is that when you share an article of another individual, you can create a notification and alert them about it.

Just write their name in the status, and Facebook uses the “mention” functionality to alert them:

How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page image Mention likesMention likes

Also hosting a contest to increase Facebook likes is another great tactic.

Have a really nice incentive as the prize in order to receive a very nice amount of Facebook likes.

When you are starting to create some sort of income through your blog, then create regular contests on your Facebook page.

Frequent Updates For Growth

Every time you eat something very good, you will always go for seconds.

I know you will!

Think of it this way.

The updates you add to your Facebook page is like giving your fans something very good to eat.

That is where excellent content goes in!

They will “like” it and even maybe share it onto their profile.

“The sharing and liking they do will attract more new people to your Facebook page.”

Automatically afterward, your audience is absolutely expecting the same experience they had with your other update.

You can see the chain here….give them something good and see the reaction!!

This works well for my Facebook page:

How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page image Facebook page updates v3Facebook page updates

The benefits are so many.

Facebook Ads To Boost

Don’t think Facebook ads are useless.

Give it a try. I have.

They have been instrumental in helping me gain Facebook likes for my Facebook page.

If you set up the ad right, it can send your Facebook page to a bigger audience!

I would advise you to set up the ad to go to specific countries.

Another tip is to use the the “interest” option for the ad.

Watch the performance of the ad and tweak to whatever necessary step you need to take in order to make it better.

Connecting and Asking

Communication–the human connection–is the key to personal and career success.” – Paul J. Meyer

Connections are the cornerstone of spreading ideas and helping each other gain success.

Connections on Facebook are keyin gaining likes for your page!

I always gain new likes through a connection I create on Facebook.

First, find a person that is interested in the same thing you do.

Send them a friend request and wait for their approval.

After, send them a friendly message like this:

How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page image Facebook connection thank you messageFacebook connection thank you message

First, you thank them for connecting with you and include a nice compliment.

This way they are more inclined to like your page!

Writing Excellent Content

Just write excellent content that will just want them to like your Facebook page!

If you have nothing to show for, then you can forget about gaining new quality likes.

Writing great content should make it possible for them to like your page easily.

Add the “Facebook Social Plugin” to your blog

This makes it easy for people to “like” your Facebook page without even visiting it!

Your blog visitors can like your page right there while reading your blog post!

This is a free WordPress plugin that puts the “like box” in the sidebar of a blog.

How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page image Facebook like boxFacebook like box

Whatever your preference is, find your right spot and create excellent, juicy content that they would crave.

This will lead to more Facebook likes!

Wrapping it up!

You now have a plan.

A plan of action!

Take these tips and add them to your social media strategy. Create sick content and get more connections.

So, how do you rack those likes up for your Facebook page?

Look forward to hearing about your success and tactics in the comments below.

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