What I Pack: Inside the Bags of Road Warriors

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What must-bring gear should you pack on your next business trip? We asked a few hard-working road warriors that very question. Here's a look inside their travel bags.

What must-bring gear should you pack on your next business trip? We wanted to find out, so we asked a few hard-working road warriors to snap a photo of what's inside their travel bags. Click on to see what they won't leave home without.–John Brandon

Found in Town founder Nicole Duhoski, who also runs the market strategy company VineSprout.com, packs an Apple iPad, an iPhone, her car keys, and company pamphlets when she travels. She uses her own product–note the stickers on each item–to make sure that if she loses something, the person who finds it can contact her.

Rob Bernshteyn, the CEO of e-procurement company Coupa, carries a MacBook Pro at all times when hitting the road. On the right, that's an original T-Mobile Droid phone and a Plantronics headset for Skype calls; on the left, an Itronics adapter for international power outlets, along with a USB drive. He also carries cans of Red Bull, packs of seaweed, and a boatload of business cards.

Bryant Quan, CEO of deal-sharing site Slickdeals.com, carries a Lenovo Thinkpad W500 laptop, a Verizon 4G LTE USB Stick, an Autum Dualist Leather Day Wallet, a Mnemosyne Roots Grid Notepad–beneath is a Hartmann Aviator Leather Folio. He stuffs the whole collection inside a Banana Republic messenger bag. He also packs a Canon Powershot S100, Toddy Gear Smart Cloth, Pilot pens, USB sticks, and various chargers.

Dean Donaldson, the Global Head of Innovation at Mediamind, a digital advertising company, is one serious packer. He brings along an iPad, iPhone 4S, and a MacBook Pro on every trip. Beyond the typical chargers and USB cables, he also drags along a Canon G-Series camera, a Seagate Satellite drive with built-in Wi-Fi, an extra 1TB drive, a small external audio speaker, and a pointer with a 100-foot range.

California-based The Buddy Group is a digital advertising firm. Chief Creative Officer Bryan Boettger packs his gear into a soft Patagonia travel bag. Inside, he brings a Bang & Olufsen Earset for making Bluetooth calls, a BookBook Retro case for the iPad (which looks like a journal), Skullcandy Jay-Z earphones, several moleskin notebooks, water bottles, a De Lacy Wallet, and a portable Wi-Fi adapter.

That's a hard-to-find HP Folio notebook on the left that's part of Gary Peterson's travel arsenal. He's the president of market research firm Gap Intelligence. He also carries a HP SimpleSave 500GB drive, an iPod Nano, and the iPhone. He's currently reading How the Mighty Fall by Jim Collins and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni. Oh, and he brings gifts for clients like The Balvenie whiskey and CaboWabo tequila.

Nicole Andergard, the PR manager at Tripwire, a company that makes IT security software, always carries a MacBook Pro when going out of town. She also brings a high-quality headphone set by Bose, travel docs in ziplock bags, and a back-up portable hard drive. Read more: Secrets of the Most Productive Travelers

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