Readers ponder 8th rule of success from Steve Jobs’s career

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Steve Jobs waving during a presentationSteve Jobs

The recent article "Steve Jobs and 7 Rules for Success" inspired many readers, as anyone can see from the hundreds of comments they posted.

One reader resolved to publish her comics because she is passionate about them, another to publish his novel. It stirred one to pledge, "I am going to invent the coolest automation company ever."

Others suggested a possible eighth rule for success. While many were sarcastic, a few of the ideas were quite thoughtful or just plain funny:

  • See genius in your craziness, believe in yourself, believe in your vision, and be constantly prepared to defend those ideas. (Mohammad)
  • Never stop dreaming, never quit, and start to believe (Montei_marjz)
  • Black turtle necks and jeans look a hell of a lot better than speedos, flip flops and sunglasses. (Chris)
  • Hard work, dedication and perseverance. Did I mention hard work… (Matt)
  • Don't compete in the market, make a new market. (Daniel)

What wise, inspirational rule for business success would you add as the eighth in this list?