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Radhika Sivadi

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Does Your Business Have a Home Online? 

All business owners know they need a website, but many aren’t aware of what constitutes a professionally built website. The analogy of a house is a great way to understand the intricacies of web design.


Land - Domain


Every house has to start with land or property. Domain registration is much like staking a claim on your digital property. Once you have your domain, much like property, nobody else can use it. There are several different types of property, or different subdomains (.org, .net, .us, .gov). You can choose to build a house (website) on that land, or maintain it in hopes of it becoming more valuable one day (think of what would happen if you registered before the company existed!).



Web Hosting - Framework and Foundation

Framework & Foundation

Once you have your land, if you want a house, you’ll need to establish a good structure and foundation. Web Hosting is similar to the structure and foundation for your house. These are the servers that ensure your website can be visited 24/7.



Website Design - Interior Design

Interior Design

When the house is built, it’s time to turn the house into a home. The design tools are similar to the interior design. The look, feel, functionality, and way users interact with the website will be customized with the design tool. YSB’s design team utilizes WordPress, which is a popular tool for website design. The tool is highly customizable, SEO friendly, and doesn’t require knowledge of coding to manage and update your website.



SSL - Security System

Security System

After the house is finished, you want to keep your home safe. The Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) certificate is similar to the locks on the door and the alarm system. This digital certificate authenticates a website’s identity and enables a secure connection. This will help keep a website secure and safe from potential online threats.





Now the house feels like home and you’ve taken steps to help make it safe and secure. Placing the mailbox on the property is akin to having business email. When people need to contact you at the residence, they can send you mail. This is the same as a business receiving email communication to their business email address. Business email addresses are associated with the website’s domain name (i.e., ). Having a business email address allows a business to have a more professional appearance when communicating with potential clients.



Developer Maintenance - Handy person


Sometimes things around the home encounter “wear and tear” and need to be fixed and/or maintained. Developer Maintenance can help ensure that the website is updated, managed, and SEO compliant. It can also help make sure that certain plugins/components that were used to build the website aren’t broken or out of date.


If you intend to build a website, let our designers help build your “dream home”. If you already have a website and feel boxed in with your “starter home,” allow our team to understand your vision and build your “forever home” to help your business grow!

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Radhika Sivadi