An Upgrade You May Have Forgotten About

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An Upgrade You May Have Forgotten About image ID 10081614An Upgrade You May Have Forgotten AboutEvery day it seems there is a new announcement about another iPhone, Android Phone or iPad version being released. The release might resolve some bugs or add some new features, but once the pre-announcement is made then the “chatter” begins until the official release. It is occurring almost every six months.

Well last week I was reminded about an upgrade that I should consider.

With all the hype regarding new devices, have we really missed the boat on another upgrade we should have made? Is your home, like mine where your kids are spending more time on the computers, or iTouches or netbooks or iPads. Or maybe, you have embraced online streaming movies like Netflix or Google TV or Apple TV. I think you know where I am headed.

Yes – When was the last time you upgraded your cable modem?

My cable modem was 9 years old.

What about your router?

My router was 6 years old

Have you upgraded your printer to a wireless printer so your iOS devices (Apple iPad, iTouch and iPhone) can print output.

In keeping up with the latest devices, many of us overlooked the fact that maybe we are stretching our bandwidth more. In the case of my family, the number of dropped connections had increased in the past year because of these devices. Lots of time resetting cable modems or checking to see how many people were on at the same time.

This post is clearly about evaluating your current home network, but it could also be applied to your work environment too. Does your company have wi-fi for its employees and guests. Is the connection strong or weak? With more and more people purchasing smartphones, wouldn’t this be a great incentive for employees while they are eating their lunch or meeting with potential vendors or clients. Our company just went through an upgrade of installing wi-fi hot spots in various buildings and locations. Something to thing about.

The point here is to be proactive and make sure you keep up with technology and don’t neglect your current information technology structure.

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