The vote that matters most to economic recovery

Radhika Sivadi

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Welcome to The SmallBiz Vote, a new blog from Yahoo! Small Business Advisor, where we'll be tracking the political issues that matter most to small business owners throughout the 2012 election year. In the coming weeks and months, this space will feature the political views of small business owners and keep you updated on the election news that affects you.

If you're a small business owner, bookmark us now, and return on Monday for detailed results of a new Yahoo! Small Business Advisor survey that reveals how people like you have been impacted by the stalled economy, whom they blame, and what changes they're looking for from Washington.

And stay tuned for our Q&A with Small Business Administrator Karen Mills. She'll share her goals as she takes a new Cabinet post in the Obama Administration, and explain how the 2013 budget proposal strives to serve the needs of small businesses and the priorities of the SBA.

It's clear that President Obama and the candidates who would like to replace him consider small businesses crucial to the nation's economic recovery. Help us make The SmallBiz Vote an accurate reflection of what's most important to you, the business owner, by sharing your feedback and ideas in the comments section or at #SmallBizVote on Twitter. We're excited to work with you to track the political clout of small business and your influence of the outcome on November 6, 2012!

Radhika Sivadi