The New Online Non-Negotiables Episode 1: Boost Your Brand Presence

Radhika Sivadi

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What does this new virtual-only world mean to the success of your business?

Join BlueJeans by Verizon and Yahoo Small Business for a conversational series with small business owners as we discuss real challenges plus tips and tricks to come out ahead in a digital, video conferencing era.



Episode 1: Boost Your Brand Presence

How much importance do you put on face to face engagement? How do you put your best face (literally) forward and elevate the look and feel of both your personal and corporate brand?
Featuring David Hepburn, Creative Director, Hepburn Creative

We’ll cover these topics plus more:

  • How the transition from brick and mortar to online-only has impacted the identity of small businesses
  • Best practices to create an online presence to generate awareness, leads, and customer feedback
  • The many ways to utilize video conferencing software… its not just for meetings
  • Tips to optimize your video-meeting presence with the right camera angles, virtual backgrounds, lighting, and audio

Radhika Sivadi