The New Online Non-Negotiables Episode 2: Master the Virtual Handshake

Radhika Sivadi

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What does this new virtual-only world mean to the success of your business?

Join BlueJeans by Verizon and Yahoo Small Business for a conversational series with small business owners as we discuss real challenges plus tips and tricks to come out ahead in a digital, video conferencing era.



Episode 2: Master the Virtual Handshake

Hearts aren’t won and deals aren’t closed in-person anymore. How do you utilize the latest technology to gain a competitive advantage and win business when relationships are built and maintained virtually? Featuring Adam Knoerzer, Owner, Burghundy LLC

We’ll cover these topics plus more:

  • Awkward silences, body language, cultural barriers…
  • Tips to make a lasting, positive impression with an online audience
  • How to ensure your message is being heard and understood
  • Why making the switch from audio-only or outdated video software will help you win new business faster
  • Who’s joining from what and where?
  • How to remain secure with features like passcodes and meeting lock

Radhika Sivadi